How We Work

A detailed look into how we operate.

Efficient and lean

We run a tight ship at Sagum. We’re always testing new technologies, methods, and strategies to help us become more efficient with our time and the resources we use. We take the ‘lean startup’ approach with every project we work on. This has not only proven to help us with efficiency, but it has proven time and time again to help us find and prove strategies that win.

Being efficient and lean is at the core DNA of how we serve our clients. It’s also at the core DNA of how we run our agency from a to z.

Communication is everything to us

A big part of ‘how we work’ has to do with communication. Communication between members of our team here at Sagum. Communication with our clients. Communication, both in quality and quantity mean everything to us. We have built our agency in a way that allows for us to be in touch with our clients at all times. It’s because of this that clients feel like we are “an extension of their team.”

Streamlined Communications

We are big fans of Slack. We create a Slack Channel for each client who works with us. By leveraging this technology we are able to constantly report back on the progress of projects, ask questions, discuss ideas etc. Our vision was to create an environment where you (the client) could manage your relationship with us through the ease of your mobile device. Slack has given us the power to accomplish this vision.

BI & Reporting

Data for us is like water. We must have it to exist. Without it we’re blinded from the important adjustments and decisions we have to make on a daily basis to help our clients succeed. Through our partnership with Grow, each client gets a custom BI dashboard where all most important analytics data is stored and reported. These dashboards create a “data first” environment that help lead to productive ideas, conversations, and tests.

Establish Goals & Forecasting

You don’t make too much progress in digital marketing if goals aren’t established, set, and focused on. Working in collaboration with our clients, we establish digital marketing goals that align with our clients and are meaningful to their business success. Using forecasting concepts, we help create a road map of performance and effort to those goals so that it’s always clear “where we are at” and “what needs to be done.”

Define Strategy & Tactics

A high-performing strategy not only outlines “where we will operate” but equally as important, “where we will NOT operate.” Led by our CEO Chase Sagum, we build a custom strategy (with accompanying tactics) for each client. At the core of that strategy is empathy for the customer of our clients. Truly understanding the customer puts us in a position to leverage our knowledge and expertise to build the right strategy.

30, 60, 90

From the very beginning we establish clear expectations for the first 30, 60, and 90 days. Expectations in the form of deliverables. Deliverables both in the form of results achieved and tasks completed. Once the goals have been established, we are able (due to our many years of experience) to paint a very clear picture of what the first 30, 60, and 90 days will be. The key during this time period is gaining traction.

Assigned Digital Marketing Manager

One of our major keys to success in digital marketing is how our team org chart is configured. Each client works with 1 senior digital marketing manager. And each of these managers is limited to a small finite group of clients that he/she works with. This allows us to truly focus on our clients needs and strategies. It’s because of this focus that we are able to succeed time and time again for our clients.

We are the ad agency for business leaders committed to long-term business growth.