What is AB Testing in Digital Marketing?

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Optimizing a website for maximum effectiveness is a crucial aspect that many small businesses tend to overlook. One of the key elements that they often neglect is A-B testing.

A-B testing involves comparing two versions of a webpage or an element within it to determine which one performs better. Example 1: see below where we tested simplifying the product pricing, which increased conversion by 6%, which equates to $288K/ year for this brand.

Ab test example

What is a heatmap?

By monitoring and analyzing customer paths through their website using tools like heat maps or screen recordings, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences. Example 2: Below is a heatmap for one of our clients. Landing page data showed low conversion, however, you can see 42% of clicks are clicking on the location button, and our conversion event is set to calls and a form below the fold.

heatmap example on a mobile website

Where should I run AB tests to make the biggest impact?

One of the best areas to focus your A-B testing efforts is above the fold on your homepage. This prime real estate is the first thing visitors see when they land on your site, and optimizing it can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Above the fold is what you see without scrolling. See the below examples and don’t forget mobile.

above the fold example on desktop
above the fold example on mobile

Why is this increase in conversion rate so crucial?

Well, even a modest 5% to 10% to 20% improvement can translate into substantial revenue growth. Consider the first example I gave above. With a 2-week test, we were able to increase the conversion by 6% equating to $288K more in revenue for the year. Such a boost makes all the efforts you put into driving traffic to your site, including your advertising investments, much more worthwhile.

However, the significance of A-B testing goes beyond just understanding customers. For small business owners, it can be challenging to possess the expertise required to execute effective A-B tests. This is where enlisting the help of an agency becomes invaluable.

How do I get the right help with A-B testing?

An agency specializing in A-B testing not only brings a level of expertise that small business owners might lack but also save valuable time. A-B testing requires careful planning and execution, including knowing where and how to conduct tests, as well as which tools and even coding techniques to use. These complexities can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the process.

But what if you can’t afford an agency or need assistance with A-B testing? Fear not, for there are resources available to help you. As an experienced professional, I am here to offer free consulting services to guide you in improving your website’s conversion rate.


Small businesses must not underestimate the power of A-B testing when it comes to enhancing their website’s performance. By partnering with an agency or seeking guidance from professionals, even those on a tight budget can unlock the potential for significant growth. Don’t let the lack of resources hold you back—reach out to me, and let’s explore how to make your website a conversion powerhouse.

why is ab testing on a website so crucial?
Keith Hubert

Keith Hubert

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