If your TikTok ads are barely spending, it’s crucial to identify potential issues that might be hindering their performance. Here are two key factors you should consider:

1. Limited Audience: The reach of your ads depends heavily on the audience you’re targeting. If your audience is too narrowly defined, your ads may not be reaching enough users to spend your allocated budget. Try expanding your audience criteria, such as demographics or interests, to ensure a wider reach.

2. Low Bid Amounts: In TikTok’s auction-based advertising system, if your bid amount is too low, it may not be competitive enough to win ad placements, resulting in minimal spending. Check your bid amount against TikTok’s recommended range and adjust if necessary.

Keep in mind that the optimization of your ads isn’t just about increasing spend. Focus on the performance metrics that align with your campaign goals, such as engagement, click-through rate, or conversions. Sometimes, effective targeting may lead to lower spending while still achieving your desired outcomes. Always aim for efficiency and results rather than merely exhausting your ad budget.

Chase Sagum

Chase Sagum

CEO of Sagum