Leveraging TikTok ads for a product launch can yield impressive results for brand awareness, given the platform’s dynamic, highly engaged user base. Here’s how to make the most of it:

Start by creating buzz prior to the launch. Post teasers, behind-the-scenes content, or a countdown series to build anticipation. This piques user curiosity and keeps your brand top of mind.

On the day of the launch, use a TikTok TopView ad. This ad format takes over the full screen when users open the app, offering the maximum impact and attention to your product.

Use TikTok’s In-Feed ads for ongoing visibility. These ads blend into the “For You” feed, naturally engaging users as they scroll. Make sure your ads are visually appealing and align with the user-generated content on the platform.

Consider a Branded Hashtag Challenge. This involves creating a unique hashtag and encouraging users to create or recreate content around it, ideally featuring your product. This increases user interaction and exposure exponentially.

Work with influencers to further amplify your product launch. Ensure they are a good fit for your brand and have a genuine connection with their audience. Have them showcase your product, ideally in a creative, trend-aligned way that encourages user interaction.

Finally, ensure your ads have a clear and compelling call-to-action. Whether it’s visiting your website to learn more, purchasing the product, or following your brand for updates, always guide your audience on what to do next.

Remember, success on TikTok requires a blend of authenticity, creativity, and user engagement. So, make sure your product launch campaign is not just about promoting a product, but also about connecting with your audience in an engaging and meaningful way.

Chase Sagum

Chase Sagum

CEO of Sagum