Refreshing Your Ad Creatives: Innovative Strategies for Your Existing Facebook Ad Assets

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Facebook ads are an essential part of many businesses’ digital marketing strategies. They offer unparalleled targeting options that can help brands reach their ideal customers. But like any advertising platform, ad fatigue can creep in, leading to a decrease in engagement and conversions. As your winning ad creatives start to go stale, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to keep your audience engaged.

Here are several strategies to refresh your existing Facebook ad creatives and regain audience attention.

1. Reformat and Resize

If you’ve been running your ads in one format, it might be time for a change. Switch up the layout and size of your ad creative. For example, if you’ve been using a single image ad, try converting it into a carousel or video format. Similarly, consider using square, vertical, or horizontal formats to suit different placements like feed, stories, or right column ads.

2. Refresh Your Headlines

Your headline is one of the first things people see when they encounter your ad. Experiment with new messaging that communicates your value proposition in a different way. Try asking a question, making a bold statement, or using power words that trigger emotion or curiosity.

3. Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is a powerful way to discover what works best for your audience. You can experiment with different elements of your ad, like images, text, and CTA buttons. Test one variable at a time to pinpoint what changes lead to improved performance.

4. Introduce New Color Schemes

A change in color can make your ads feel fresh and attention-grabbing. Try using different color filters on your existing images or changing the background color of your text ads. Make sure you choose colors that are on-brand and align with the message you’re trying to convey.

5. Re-edit Videos

If you’ve got video assets, consider re-editing them to create a fresh feel. You can change the sequence of clips, add new transitions or effects, or introduce text overlays. Shortening or lengthening your videos can also make them feel new and more suitable for different placements.

6. Swap Out Images

Even if your ad’s overall design stays the same, swapping out images can make it feel new. If you have a photo library or database, look for new images that convey the same message but look different. If you’ve been using product photos, try lifestyle photos, or vice versa.

7. Update Your CTAs

CTAs are a crucial part of any ad. Experiment with different phrases or action words. For instance, instead of the classic “Shop Now,” you might try “Discover More,” “Get Yours Today,” or “Start Your Journey.”

8. Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a fantastic way to refresh your ads. Testimonials, customer photos, or reviews can add credibility and authenticity to your ads. You can overlay text on these images or videos, or use them as they are.

9. Incorporate Seasonal or Thematic Elements

Tie your ads to the current season, a holiday, or an event relevant to your audience. Adjust your images, color scheme, or text to suit the theme. This keeps your ads current and can help increase relevance to your audience.

10. Experiment with Dynamic Creative

Facebook’s Dynamic Creative tool generates ad variations from assets like images, videos, headlines, and CTAs. The platform then automatically tests different combinations to find what works best. This can be a great way to refresh your ads without a lot of manual work.

Revamping your Facebook ad creatives doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. These strategies allow you to use what you already have.

Chase Sagum

Chase Sagum

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